Single Source Oil Free, Dry and Maintenance Free Compressed Air

Posted by Andrew Clutterbuck in News on July 22, 2005

Oil free compressed air is essential on all water industry sites, and Bambi’s recent expansion into the production of diaphragm pumps means they offer the most comprehensive single source of oil free compressors from any UK producer.

In addition to the environmental benefits, oil free air means dramatically improved longevity of air operated equipment and massive reduction in maintenance time as regular oil changes are consigned to the 19th Century !

Versions are available to meet the need of every application from powering remote monitoring stations to the highest quality air for laboratories and research establishments.

From stock they are able to offer :-

  • 12 or 24 volt DC or 110volt, 220/240 volt single & three phase options
  • vacuum up to 948 mbr and pressure up to 8 Bar

Receiver mounted models start off with an ultra compact 15 litre capacity with full 8 bar maximum pressure right up to high capacity 100 litre receivers and 400 litre / minute output.  These high quality, high specification air stations can be equipped with integral air dryers achieving –400 C dew point.  Requiring no regular maintenance, the auto-regenerating air dryer is maintenance free and comes with internally coated air receivers for contamination free air.