Brand New Oil Free Compressor with revolutionary Air Dryer !

Posted by Andrew Clutterbuck in News on October 22, 2005

With ever more sophisticated equipment and techniques in use in today’s surgery, the demand for ultra clean and ultra dry air has never been stronger.  To meet this exacting demand, Bambi has developed its all new VT Range of oil free compressors.

Packed with innovative features and technological advances, this new range has unique benefits not normally found on compressors at this price level.  With their very low noise when running, they can be located very near to the surgery and internally coated air receivers ensure corrosion free, hygienic air is always delivered.  And because every model has a soft start valve the compressor can be turned off remotely without causing harm.

Bambi has thought of everything, with a model line-up of over 10 models, there is a model available for the smallest rural practice right up to the busiest 8 surgery practice.

For this new range, Bambi has developed a revolutionary air dryer system, available on every model.  An integral multi row after-cooler and integral coalescing filter removes 99% moisture solids from the air before it enters the stainless steel drying tower.  In this way we achieve a Dewpoint of a class leading -40°C.   The air dryer also eliminates the need to drain the air receiver.

But what does all this mean for today’s busy dental surgeon ?? Peace of mind and confidence in the knowledge that there is no higher quality air compressor available at this price level, whether the treatment being offered is routine or the most sophisticated cosmetic dentistry.