Bambi Launch 4 new Compressor models in the VT range

Posted by Andrew Clutterbuck in News on April 22, 2011

We are delighted to announce the launch of the VT250, VT250D and their silenced equivalents VTS250 and VTS250D.

Following our policy of continued improvement, and having listened to our customers needs, these models will fill a gap in the VT range, ensuring that we have the most complete offer in the marketplace for any clean-air critical application.

The new models carry over the same industry leading technological features from the rest of the range – all models are fitted with a SoftStart system, discharging the pressure into the pump whenever the power is disconnected, protecting the compressor from overload and extending the service life. Internally coated, anti-corrosion air receivers are fitted across the range ensuring the air is contamination free.

The VT250D and VTS250D and model are equipped with our integral desiccant air dryer. Whenever air is compressed, moisture naturally present in the atmosphere is squeezed out and condenses in the air receiver, this can cause problems in certain applications. Bambi Air Dryers deliver Desert Dry air. The multi row, fan assisted after-cooler reduces the air temperature prior to entering the dryer. Dramatically reducing the air temperature enables the integral coalescing filter to collect and remove water droplets as small as 0.01 microns. In this way we remove 99% moisture content before the desiccant adsorption system powers the dryness right Constructed from high quality “Inox” stainless steel, the dryer regenerates itself every time the compressor cycles and requires no regular maintenance. A downstream HE dust filter removes any residual dust, leaving only pure high quality air.

All models are available from stock today, for more information call the Bambi Sales team on 0121 322 2299