New Dry Pipe Sprinkler systems announced at the Firex South 2012 Show

Posted by Andrew Clutterbuck in News on March 22, 2012

Bambi are proud to announce the launch of their new range of UK manufactured compressors for Dry Pipe Sprinkler systems at the Firex South 2012 Show.

A New Range of Air Compressors for Dry Pipe Sprinkler Systems from Bambi

As one of the UK’s leading suppliers of air compressors for use with dry, alternate and tail end sprinkler systems, we are proud to announce the complete re-design and enhancement of our Compton range, full details of which you can see in our enclosed brochure, now under the Bambi brand.

While compressed air and the compressor itself are often not seen as a core part of the dry sprinkler system, if the compressor is not up to the job, either from day one or over a period of time, then this will cause the installer considerable issues and cost with regards to set-up and ongoing maintenance.

For many years, Bambi Air Compressors has been manufacturing the Compton sprinkler system compressor range, and with our new range we are incorporating the well established Compton diaphragm compressor technology and the high quality Bambi piston oil free compressor pumps on the larger models, creating the most comprehensive range available from one source – all now marketed under the Bambi brand.

Our popular Compton LPS and HPS models have now been brought into the new FS range – the LPS as the FSP150 and the HPS as the FSP250, with many enhanced features, such as the option to fit micro adjustable pressure switches for fine regulation, fill and top up modes, timer cut in switches, test points and high quality glycerine gauges for accurate readings.

Our new range of FS compressors offers solutions for all levels of installation and is compliant to the LPC technical bulletins and BSEN12845 for LH, OH and HH systems with or without accelerator, including a SoftStart system, discharging the pressure into the pump whenever the power is disconnected, protecting the compressor from overload and thus extending its service life.

The different configurations ensure that we can supply you the optimum solution for your system, and with a combined total of 45 years in after sales support, our technical team can help you with any query, their goal is to ensure that you have full confidence in fitting or supplying our product because you are sure that we will be with you at every step, from installation to servicing. Their knowledge of how to deliver high quality air is second to none.

We can even provide a solution to the problems posed in protecting a cold store outlined in TB208.3.2, our VTD range of receiver mounted compressors can provide “desert dry air” The multi row, fan assisted after-cooler reduces the air temperature prior to entering the dryer. Dramatically reducing the air temperature enables the integral coalescing filter to collect and remove water droplets as small as 0.01 microns. In this way we remove 99% moisture content before the desiccant adsorption system powers the dryness right down. Constructed from high quality “Inox” stainless steel, the dryer regenerates itself every time the compressor cycles and requires no regular maintenance.

For more information please contact us through our website or call us on 0121 322 2299