Pressure Feed Tanks

Apollo pressure feed tanks are tough, easy to use and are supplied complete and ready to use. Ideal for bulk spraying, production line processes or where large areas need to be covered, Apollo tanks can be used with paints, glues, grease and other liquids.

Technical Features:

  • Agitator speed adjustment and tank pressure regulator
  • High quality material and air taps
  • Pressure gauge
  • Stainless steel inner liner
  • Paint strainer and agitator paddle
  • Bottom feed
Model Capacity
LxWxH cm
Max Pressure
APT10 10 12 36x30x48 3/40
APT10M 10 16 36x30x55 3/40 MANUAL
APT10A 10 17 36x30x55 3/40 AIR DRIVEN
APT10BM 10 15 36x30x68 3/40 MANUAL

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