FS Range – Sprinkler System Air Compressors

Bambi’s range of high performance oil-free compressors for dry pipe sprinkler systems has been specifically designed to meet the stringent needs of LPC requirements, models are available in three formats to suit every application and budget to provide a controlled, economical and quiet supply of ultra clean compressed air.

Our new range of FS compressors is compliant to the LPC technical bulletins and BSEN12845 for LH, OH and HH systems with or without accelerator, including a SoftStart system, discharging the pressure into the pump whenever the power is disconnected, protecting the compressor from overload and thus extending its service life.

Reliability and efficiency are the essential features of these direct drive, oil-free sprinkler system air compressors which require only minimal regular maintenance to ensure reliable peak performance.

The FSB and FSP range both use Bambi’s Vee Twin oil free pump unit, delivering the highest possible air quality with one of the lowest noise levels of any oil-free compressor available, made possible by the very latest “tilting piston” technology. Each model is a complete automatic including a safety valve, non-return valve and pressure switch.

The FSB models are a suitable for applications where there is not as great a requirement for fine regulation, all models are fitted with a restrictor to provide a topping up mode air-flow rate to maintain system pressure. Both ranges are available in single or three phase, and comply with the (PED) 97/23/EC regulations.

The FSP range is designed to industry leading specifications, including as standard an air flow restrictor for topping up mode, a 0-6 bar pressure switch and an 0-6 bar glycerine gauge. It comes supplied with 400mm braided hose with ½” fittings. The compact and robust design ensures it can be used where space is at a premium, either floor or wall mounted. A Bailey and Mackay pressure switch can be fitted to provide even finer regulation with an 0.2 differential, and an on-delay timer is also available on these models.

The FSD range uses diaphragm pumps where a continuously rated solution is required, still providing 100% oil free operation, these models replace our popular Compton models and have all of the high specifications provided on the FSP range. The Bambi FS range comes complete with a 2 year warranty (subject to annual servicing)